Here are the steps to take to allow a student to start at a later module in an Accelerate Education course. Not only do you need to excuse the gradable activities, but also you need to mark as Complete the non-gradable lessons before the starting module.

***Always consult with the student's Online Education Advisor (OEA) and parent/guardian to determine where the student needs to start in your course.***

Access your Accelerate Education course Gradebook in Buzz and excuse all gradable activities that are prior to where you want the student to start.

a. Click an empty box for each gradable activity.


b. On the right side of the page, click EXCUSE.

Mark as Complete all non-gradable lessons so the student can move forward and start at a later module.

a. Access your Gradebook and click Display Options (gear icon).

b. Under Other view options, check the box for Show non-gradable activities. This will show you all the non-gradable lessons that need to be marked as Complete so the student can move forward.

c. Click Save at the top right of the page.

Click an empty box for each non-gradable lesson you want to excuse. Look for the titles that are not in bold.

Click Mark Complete.

Once you’re done, you can remove the check mark from Show non-gradable activities in the Gradebook Display Options and then click Save. Once these steps are followed for all activities/lessons up to where the student needs to start, the student is able to begin working at a later point in the course.

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