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TEACHER-Running the Teacher Grade Report in Genius for quarter grades
TEACHER-Running the Teacher Grade Report in Genius for quarter grades

This article shows teachers how to run the Teacher Grade Report in Genius to view quarter grades

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For best results, enter the quarter’s Start Date and End Date when running the report. This ensures that all graded items for the quarter are included in the report.

The quarter dates for the 2023/2024 school year are as follows:

~ 1st Quarter: 08/22/2023 to 10/24/2023

~ 2nd Quarter: 10/25/2023 to 01/08/2024

~ 3rd Quarter: 01/09/2024 to 03/11/2024

~ 4th Quarter: 03/12/2024 to 05/17/2024

After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, click Reports from the top menu bar.

Under Custom Reports, click Teacher Grade Report.

Start Date: Enter the quarter’s Start Date. For example, enter 08/22/2023 (1st quarter Start Date for the 2023/2024 school year).

End Date: Enter the quarter’s End Date. For example, enter 10/24/2023 (1st quarter End Date for the 2023/2024 school year).

Enrollment Status: From the drop-down menu, select Active to only see the active students. If you want to see all students, then do not make a selection.

Click Run Report.

The results will show the student’s first and last name, affiliation name (school district), grade level, course name, teacher name, enroll date, date of the student’s first login to the course, date of the student’s last activity in the course, the percentage of the course completed, the grade to date, the final grade (appears once the course is marked Completed by eAcademy staff), and the student’s status.

You can sort by any column heading and you can export the results to Excel by clicking Export Results to Excel at the top right of the page.

For each student, compare the Grade to Date column in the Teacher Grade Report to the Q1 Score column in the Accelerate Education Gradebook.

NOTE: Screenshots were taken from an Accelerate Education course.

Accelerate Education Gradebook:

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