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TEACHER-Creating automatic emails in Genius
TEACHER-Creating automatic emails in Genius

This article shows teachers how to create automatic emails in Genius

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CAUTION: When you set the criteria for automatic emails, the system includes students currently enrolled in courses and students who have been dropped from courses. This means that both active and dropped students will receive the automatic email. This can be very confusing to students who have been dropped from any courses.

Use care when setting your criteria and who you are copying on these types of emails.

After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, click Enrollments from the top menu bar.

Search criteria: Select the 2023/2024 Term so that you do not get results from previous school years.

Additional search criteria: Select additional criteria for your automatic email.

Here are some examples.

a) Use Grade between to be notified when students’ grades fall between a certain percentage like 0 and 70.

b) Use Pacing to be notified when students are behind in assignments.

c) Use Logins to be notified when students are not logging in on a regular basis.

BEST PRACTICE: Only set one or two conditions. If you set too many conditions, you may get zero results.

Click Get Data after selecting your criteria.

From the left navigation menu, click Add new Auto-Email.

Template: If desired, choose a template and make any edits. Otherwise, you can skip this selection and create your own email.


Subject: Enter the email subject.

Sender and Sender Email will default to your information.

Determine who you want to receive the auto-email.

a) Guardian: Parent or Guardian listed on the student's account

b) Affiliation: Main OEA at the student’s school district

c) Academic Director: Rebecca Henderson

d) Teacher: Teacher for the course

e) Coach: School staff members who have been assigned to monitor the student’s account (e.g., special education teacher, school counselor, learning support teacher)

Note: You can choose to not copy the student by selecting Dont copy student.

Body: If you selected a template, you can edit the body of the email. Otherwise, type out your message. Use the editing toolbar to make changes to the font, add bullets, or add a hyperlink.

Select variable…: As you construct your email, you can insert a variable from the drop-down list, if desired. For example, under Student Info, select [FIRST_NAME] to automatically insert the student’s first name.

Sample: Click Update Sample to see an email sample that will be sent out. Make any edits as needed and click Update Sample to see your changes.

Periodicity: Select the frequency of your auto-email. If students in your course meet the criteria you set, then they will receive the auto-email.


Name: Enter a name for the recurring email.

Click Save.

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