Here are a couple assignment setting tips.

~ Submission types: If possible for your specific assignment, select both Online text and File submissions. This allows students to either type their answer in the text box or upload a file for submission. Make sure your assignment instructions clearly state how to respond to the assignment.

~ Feedback types: Select both Annotate PDF and Feedback comments. When grading assignments, this will allow you to view either online text submissions or view the contents of any uploaded files in the main grading window. You can annotate the submissions using the Annotation toolbar.

Navigate to your Moodle course.

From the course home page, click the Assignment name.

Under the Grading summary, click View all submissions.

After clicking View all submissions, you’ll see the following information in the submissions table:

~ Student first and last name

~ Email address

~ Status of the assignment [Submitted for grading, Draft (not submitted), No submission]

~ Grade button

~ Editing options [Grade, Remove submission, Grant extension, Revert the submission to draft]

~ Date the assignment was submitted or last modified

~ Online text: For Online text assignments, you may see the number of words and all or part of the response. Click the magnifying glass under the Online text column to view the entire submission.

~ File submissions: For File submissions assignments, you will see a link to the uploaded document.

Additional columns you will see in the submissions table include the following:

~ Submission comments entered by the student

~ Last modified (grade) is the date and time you graded the assignment

~ Annotate PDF: Use editing tools to add comments to a submission

~ Feedback comments

~ Final grade

After viewing the list of student submissions, click Grade next to one of the students.

Online text assignments: In the main window of the grading page, you can view the student’s response. On the right side of the page, you will be able to see the student’s submission again, grade the assignment, and enter any feedback comments.

Grading page main window

Grading page right side

File submissions assignments: In the main window of the grading page, you may see a blank page when a student has uploaded a file. Click Next page to navigate to the second page of the uploaded file so you can view the student’s response. On the right side of the page, you will be able to see a link to the student’s uploaded file, grade the assignment, and enter any feedback comments.

When finished grading a student’s submission, click Save changes or Save and show next to continue grading the submissions.

To view other submissions, you can click the right- or left-facing blue arrows at the top right of the grading page to navigate to another student. Alternatively, you can click the drop-down arrow next to Change user and select one of the students in the list.

When you are finished grading all the assignments, click the links at the top left of the page to go to the course home page, assignment page, or assignment submission page.

Quick Grading

The Quick grading option allows you to enter grades directly in the submissions table. If needed, scroll to the bottom of the submissions table and check the box next to Quick grading to enable this option.

Once the option is enabled, you can directly enter a grade in the submissions table and then press Enter on your keyboard to save it.

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