Spanish 1 ~ Syllabus

Instructor: Señora Braman

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Course Description:

Spanish 1 exposes beginning Spanish language students to commonly used words and phrases of the Spanish-speaking world. You will learn grammar and conversation in a logical order to enable you to develop language skills as naturally as possible. This course gives you all of the fundamentals of Spanish in the present tense and serves as a solid foundation for further Spanish study. Topics include pronunciation, common nouns and adjectives, items in the home, days, months, seasons, numbers, dates, times, and restaurant vocabulary.


Students will be able to read, talk, write, and use correctly common nouns of different genders, articles, adjectives, subject pronouns, interrogative words, days, months, numbers, dates, and time. Furthermore, students will be able to read, talk, write, and use correctly forms of the common verbs estar, ser, hay, ir, and regular and irregular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense.

Your Required Actions:

Watch all videos, study all vocabulary and grammatical concepts, and complete/submit all assignments on time. After you have watched all of the videos for a lesson, create a copy of the current assignment document, save it with your last name and lesson number, complete the assignment, and submit it to me in Moodle before the due date (Saturday by 11:59 pm).

Strongly Suggested Actions:

Print a copy of the Spanish 1 Master File. It is 100 pages, and it will serve you as an organized notebook of all material in the course. You will have an easier time processing and practicing with the material in your assignments with this physical reference in hand. Plus, you can annotate, highlight, and easily refer to it while completing your Spanish assignments on your screen.

Course Topic List:

First 9 Weeks

Lesson 1 ~ Letters and Pronunciation

Lesson 2 ~ Greetings, Goodbyes, and Courtesy Lesson 3 ~ Singular Nouns and Articles Lesson 4 ~ Plural Nouns and Articles

Lesson 5 ~ Indefinite Articles

Lesson 6 ~ Singular Form of Adjectives Lesson 7 ~ Plural Form of Adjectives

Lesson 8 ~ Subject Pronouns

Lesson 9 ~ Estar (To Be)

2nd 9 Weeks

Lesson 10 ~ Ser (To Be)

Lesson 11 ~ Ser vs. Estar

Lesson 12 ~ Reading Comprehension

Lesson 13 ~ Hay

Lesson 14 ~ Interrogative Words

Lesson 15 ~ Days of the Week, Months, and Seasons Lesson 16 ~ Vocabulary and Reading

Lesson 17 ~ More Practice with Ser, Estar, and Hay Lesson 18 ~ ~ Números 0-100

3rd 9 Weeks

Lesson 19 ~ Números over 100

Lesson 20 ~ Ordinal Numbers and the Date Lesson 21 ~ Telling Time

Lesson 22 ~ Reading Comprehension

Lesson 23 ~ Reading Comprehension

Lesson 24 ~ Regular -ar Verbs

Lesson 25 ~ Regular -er Verbs

Lesson 26 ~ Regular -ir Verbs

Lesson 27 ~ Verbs with 2+ Meanings

4th 9 Weeks

Lesson 28 ~ Reading Comprehension

Lesson 29 ~ -ar Verbs with Stem Change Lesson 30 ~ Irregular -er Verbs

Lesson 31 ~ Irregular -ir Verbs

Lesson 32 ~ Irregular Verb Practice -ar, -er, -ir Lesson 33 ~ Reading Comprehension

Lesson 34 ~ The Verb Ir (to go)

Lesson 35 ~ The Future with the Verb ir Lesson 36 ~ Guided Essay

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