Here are two examples when you may need to excuse a gradable activity for a student. Always consult with the Online Education Advisor (OEA) and parent/guardian before excusing any gradable activities.

Example 1:

A student was unable to complete an assignment or quiz due to a family emergency, technical issue, or similar situation. The student can be excused from the gradable activity so it is not counted in a course grade total. The student’s grade is recalculated as if the gradable activity didn’t exist.

~ Excuse the applicable gradable activity. The gradable activity will no longer appear in the Buzz Gradebook.

Example 2:

A student was enrolled in your course several weeks into the quarter/semester or had technical difficulties for an extended period of time. In these cases, you may choose to excuse gradable activities prior to the student’s start date in your course or when a student first began experiencing technical issues.

~ Excuse the applicable gradable activities. The gradable activities will no longer appear in the Buzz Gradebook.

Navigate to your course in Buzz. Click the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the page and select Gradebook.

Locate the gradable activity that will be excused. To the right of the student’s name and under the gradable activity column, click the empty cell.

On the right side of the page, click EXCUSE. The changes will be automatically saved and you will be returned to the Gradebook. Follow Steps 2 and 3 for any additional gradable activities that need to be excused.

You may also want to review the article, Allowing a student to start at a later module in your Accelerate Education course.

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