Go to the eAcademy™ website (https://wiueacademy.org/) and click eAcademy Users Login Here! or click Login from the top menu bar.

Click your own school district’s name.

Login: Enter your login name, which is your complete school district email address.

Password: Enter the password you use to access your school’s computer network. If you forgot your password, please contact your school district for assistance.

Click Sign me in. The default role is set to Teacher.

From the left navigation menu, click Go to LMS.

Click the computer icon next to Schoology. This is where your courses reside. Please note: Students will select the Schoology LMS associated with their school district when logging in.

Enter your username and password and then click Log in. The school name defaults to Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 07. If you forgot your password, submit a Help Desk Ticket.

~ Do not click Forgot your password.

Your Schoology home page defaults to the Recent Activity view, which displays aggregated activity across your courses, groups, and organizations, along with a running list of Reminders and Upcoming events.


You can also view the Course Dashboard for a tiled list of courses in which you're enrolled. Drag and drop course tiles to reorder courses. From the Course Dashboard, click any of your courses to go directly to its main landing page.


You can always return to the home page from anywhere in Schoology by clicking the eAcademy logo in the top left corner.

If you would prefer to set the Course Dashboard as your default view on the Schoology home page, you can adjust this in your Account Settings.

Setting the Course Dashboard as your default view

Click the drop-down arrow next to your name at the top right of the Schoology home page, and then click Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Other Options, select Course Dashboard, then click Save Changes.

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