Welcome to the eAcademy™ Help Desk! As you complete your courses, there may be times when you need assistance. Click here for some frequently asked questions.


Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time


Please reach out to your home school district if you have login issues.

District Login Page: Make sure to select your home school district on the District Login Page (https://www.wiueacademy.org/login).

Login Name: Remember to use your complete school email address.

Password: Use your school-issued password. If your password does not seem to work, please contact your school district for assistance. We do not have the ability to correct school-issued passwords.

Important Note: If a student contacts you about a login or technical issue, please have the student submit a help desk ticket so we can work directly with the student. Do not submit a help desk ticket on the student's behalf.


Here are some common reasons to contact the eAcademy™ Help Desk.

~ Course issues: You need assistance with course settings / You need assistance with the Buzz, Moodle, or Schoology learning management systems

~ Grades are not matching between Genius and the learning management system after you have followed the guidance in the resource: Confirming grades between eAcademy™ Genius and Moodle

Contacting the eAcademy™ Help Desk from the Genius Login Page

1. From your school district’s Genius login page, click the live chat icon at the bottom right of the page. If you have never accessed the eAcademyHelp Desk and you are not logged into Genius, Moodle, Buzz, or Schoology, you will see the message, Hey there! What brings you here today?

2. Click I need help!

3. Enter your email address.

4. Enter your first and last name.

5. In the response area, enter student, parent/guardian, teacher, OEA, or none of these.

6. Click Genius, Moodle, Buzz, Pearson - Buzz, Schoology, or Other/Unsure.

7. After making a selection, provide a detailed description of your issue so we can help you more quickly. Remember to be respectful and use school-appropriate language.

8. The eAcademy Help Desk will assign your issue to one of our staff members and may suggest an article that might help you.

9. If a staff member is not immediately available to answer your question, you will receive an email message and can continue communicating with the Help Desk through email. To close the live chat, click the live chat icon at the bottom right of the page a second time.

Contacting the eAcademy™ Help Desk AFTER you have logged into Genius

1. If you have never accessed the eAcademy™ Help Desk and you are logged into Genius, you will have a message waiting for you. Click the live chat icon at the bottom right of the page to view the message.

2. You can write a reply and add a GIF, emoticon, or file attachment. Or you can click the arrow at the top left of the message window.

3. After clicking the arrow at the top left of the message window, you have three options.

A. Continue a previous conversation you were having with a help desk staff member by clicking the blue arrow to the right.

B. Start another conversation by clicking Send us a Message. If it is after hours, you will see when we will be back online to respond to your issue. If you had previous conversations, you will also see a link to See all your conversations.

C. Find your answer now by typing a keyword in the Search our articles field and clicking the arrow. Any articles related to your issue will be displayed.

4. To close the live chat, click the live chat icon at the bottom right of the page a second time.

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