For this demonstration, we created an audio transcription in a Google Doc using the Google Docs Voice typing tool and saved it to our WIU Google Drive folder.

We’ll add a link to the audio transcription below a recording we previously inserted in the Announcements section. You can insert a link in any location in Moodle that has a text editor including book chapters, Moodle pages, quiz questions, assignments, forums, and labels.

Navigate to your Moodle course and click Turn editing on from the top right of your course home page. To edit the Announcements section, click Edit (1) and then click Edit settings (2).

Click the Toolbar Toggle button to expand the text editor toolbar.

Above or below your audio or video recording, type “Click here for the audio transcription” or “Click here for the video transcription.”

After you type the sentence, select the words (1) to use as your link to the Google Doc.

From the text editor toolbar, click Insert/edit link (2).

Open a new tab in your browser and access your course folder in WIU Google Drive.

Right click the Google Doc with the audio transcription and click Get link.

Click Copy link. Verify that the permission is set to Anyone with the link and Viewer and then click Done.

In the Link URL field, paste the Google Doc link using Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (Mac).

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Target and select Open in new window (_blank). This ensures the document opens in a new window or browser tab and that students don’t accidentally exit out of your course when they close the file window.

Click Insert at the bottom of the Insert/edit link window.

Notice the link turns blue but is not underlined. A link needs to stand out so that it meets accessibility guidelines; therefore, the link needs to be underlined.

Select the words (1) a second time, and from the text editor toolbar, click Underline (Ctrl+U) (2).

This is how the link will now appear to students.

Click Save and return to course or Save and display. When students click the link, the Google Doc audio transcription will open in a new window.

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