The Google Docs Voice typing tool lets you easily create transcriptions of your audio and video recordings. To use the tool, your computer microphone needs to be on and working, and your speakers need to be turned up.

From your WIU Google Drive folder, click on one of your audio or video recordings. If the recording starts playing, click Pause.

Open another tab or window, access your WIU Google Drive folder, click New.

Click Google Docs.

In the Google Doc, click Tools from the menu bar, and then click Voice typing. A microphone icon will appear on the left side of the Google Doc.

Return to your audio or video recording, drag the play head to the beginning of the recording, and then click Play. Make sure your speakers are turned up.

Very quickly, click the microphone icon on the Google Doc to begin the recording.

As the recording plays, you will see words appear in the Google Doc.

After the recording has played to the end, click the orange microphone icon to stop the voice typing tool.

Edit the transcription, which will need punctuation and capitalization added, and may need word corrections.

Give the Google Doc a title that matches the audio or video recording name. Make sure the sharing permissions allow anyone with a link to view the Google Doc.

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