Google Docs Voice Typing Tool

The Google Docs Voice typing tool lets you easily create transcriptions of your audio and video recordings. To use the tool, your computer microphone needs to be on and working, and your speakers need to be turned up.

Google Slides

After you create your presentation, click Slideshow at the top right of the page and start recording in Zoom.

Once the Slideshow starts, go to the bottom left of the page and click the three vertical dots, then click Captions Preferences and select Toggle captions.


The Kapwing subtitler allows you to burn subtitles into video directly, so that the captions appear on any platform the video gets shared to. Kapwing's subtitle editor supports videos of a variety of file formats and sizes, for free! With the free version, videos must be under 7 minutes and 250MB.

Microsoft Word Online in Office 365

The transcribe feature converts speech to a text transcript with each speaker individually separated. You can save the full transcript as a Word document or insert snippets of it into existing documents. Transcribe up to 300 minutes of audio per month for free.

Chrome extension - Transcribe and caption Google Meet in real-time, add meeting notes in Google Calendar, and save transcripts to your account.

PowerPoint for Microsoft 365

PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 can transcribe your words as you present and display them on-screen as captions in the same language you are speaking, or as subtitles translated to another language.


Create videos with a single click. Add subtitles, transcribe audio, and more. With the free version, videos must be under 10 minutes and 250MB. A watermark gets added to the top of the video.


With your own YouTube channel, you can add closed captioning to your videos.

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