Welcome to US History I Online! My name is Matt Snedecor and I am going to be your teacher in this course.


I will display topics week-by-week. There are a total of 36 topics/sections in this course. You should be able to view 2 consecutive weeks at any given time. You will be expected to complete the assignments that are shown in one school week (5 days). You can complete assignments at your own pace during each week, but are expected to log in daily to the course. Also, assignments and the weekly quiz for each week will be due by 3:00 pm on Friday of every week. Your first assignments and quiz are not due until Friday, January 31. I strongly encourage you to stay on top of your assignments each week. Try to avoid waiting until the last minute to do the work. Late work will be penalized, and you will not be able to submit work after 2 weeks when the topic block closes.

Getting Started

In the opening block of the course, you will find the course syllabus and an introductory book module that I would like you to read.

  1. Please respond to this email or message me through the course, so I know you received it.

  2. Read the course syllabus.

  3. And ask me any questions or problems that you encounter with the first week’s assignments.


Please contact me if you have any problems at all. The best way to reach me is through email or message me. I check my email several times throughout the day. You may also call to leave a message and I will get back to you, or you may speak with your school’s cyber-monitor and they can contact me. All of my information is available through the Moodle course. I strongly encourage you to contact me if you have any issues with the course or the assignments. Communication between each other is key. I look forward to working with you for the remainder of the school year and good luck in US History Online!

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