Over the years, many of our parents have provided us feedback asking for synchronous learning opportunities for their students that are enrolled into eAcademy courses in grades K-12. It is in the best interest of our learners to offer whole-class synchronous learning opportunities that help us to establish and maintain human connections throughout the year. Students are not required to attend these sessions, as we understand that the scheduled time for each session may not work with their home schedule.

Please review the expectations for Teachers and Students below, and feel free to use the resources provided to help you to establish meaningful synchronous learning opportunities for your students.

Expectations for eAcademy Teachers

  • All eAcademy Teachers will offer an optional, whole-class synchronous learning session each week via Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. As the year progresses, teachers may determine if this time would be better spent as a virtual office hour or as a whole-class synchronous session each week. Please communicate your plan to your students in your weekly email to them.

  • Teachers may schedule their synchronous sessions at a time that makes sense for their own schedule. Please try to keep this consistent from week to week for students.

  • Teachers will have their cameras on to establish their presence in the session.

  • Each whole-class synchronous learning session will be recorded for any student that is unable to attend. Teachers must announce that they will begin recording prior to starting the recording for each session.

  • All activities must relate to content being covered in class.

  • The recording of each session will be added to your weekly Module in Moodle or Buzz and will also be emailed to all students.

  • Please note: One-on-one synchronous sessions to support students are permitted. Please invite approved parents/guardians to the session as well.

Expectations for eAcademy Students

  • Students are not required to attend synchronous sessions.

  • Students are not required to have their cameras on during the session.

  • Students need to have their back to a wall when on camera.

  • Students must be dressed appropriately when on camera.

  • Students will participate in the session in a manner that adheres to their district’s Student Code of Conduct, is productive, and is positive towards all other participants.

Resources to Support Synchronous Learning

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