For a consistent look and feel in the Accelerate Education courses taught by eAcademyPLUS teachers, you will use a Teacher Introduction Template, which is a set of Google Slides you will edit and embed into the Landing Page of your Accelerate Education course.

Here are the four topics you will complete in the template.

  • All About Me: Include your biography and teaching history. You are encouraged to also include photos.

  • Expectations: Include your student and grading expectations.

  • Contact: Include your contact information (WIU email address) and when you are available. Also include how to contact the eAcademy Help Desk. The link for the eAcademy Help Desk is

  • Live Sessions: Include the dates and times of your live synchronous sessions and one-on-one opportunities. Also include the URL to join your sessions.

Editing the Teacher Introduction Template

  1. Click here to make a copy of the Teacher Introduction Template. Save the copy to your WIU Google Drive folder and rename the template to a more appropriate title.

  2. Slide 1: INTRODUCING MYSELF - The default main title is INTRODUCING MYSELF, which you should edit. For the subtitle, you can choose to edit it or delete it.

  3. Slide 2: TABLE OF CONTENTS - Do not edit this slide.

  4. Slide 3: All About Me - Add your name in the placeholder location. Please do not include your first name. Use the appropriate title before your last name (e.g., Ms., Mrs., Mr., Dr.).

  5. After Slide 3: All About Me, Slide 4: Expectations, Slide 5: Contact, and Slide 6: Live Sessions - Do not edit the titles or subtitles in the topic slides. Insert slides after each topic slide and include the information related to the topic.

  6. Slide 7: This slide must remain in your slides to prevent copyright violations. Add your name and WIU email address in the placeholder location.

  7. Slides 8-17: These slides are part of the slide template. You can use these slides as you see fit or you can delete them if you don’t want to use them. Please edit the slides that you choose to use.

  8. Slide 18: This is the Terms of Use for this slide template. Please review the Terms of Use and then delete the slide before publishing.

  9. Slides 19-34: The remaining slides give you access to the information used to create this slide template. The information includes color codes, font styles, and graphic resources/icons. Review these slides to assist you when editing, and then delete them before publishing.

Embedding Google Slides into the Landing Page of Your Course in Buzz

Once you are finished editing your Teacher Introduction Template and have deleted any unneeded slides, click Share at the top right of the page.

Change the permission to Anyone with the link and verify that the role is set to Viewer. Then click Done.

Click File from the top menu bar. Click Share and then click Publish to the web.

Click the Embed tab.

From the drop-down menu under Slide size, select Small (480x299). Medium will be too large.

Click Publish. You can leave Auto-advance slides set to every 3 seconds (default). The slides will only auto-play if the student selects the option when viewing your slides.

Click OK in the dialog box, Are you sure you want to publish this selection?

Copy the highlighted embed code by clicking Ctrl + C (PC) or Cmd + C (MAC).

Navigate to your course in Buzz. You will also need to add the slides to your course’s Program Master. Click the Menu icon at the top left of the page and select Activities.

If you have not yet edited your Landing Page, click ADD LANDING-PAGE CONTENT.

If your course already has Landing Page content, click the pencil icon on the right. Delete the existing content in your Landing Page.

Click Code View ( < > ) on the far right of the text editor toolbar.

Paste the embed code from your Google Slides using Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (MAC). You can also right click your mouse and click Paste.

Above your embedded slides, you may want to add a sentence like:

  1. “Welcome to [course name]! In this course, you’ll learn about [add a brief course description]. To get started, please click through my introduction slides to learn more about me, my expectations, how to contact me, and more.”

  2. Click Code View ( < > ) a second time to return to the previous view. Add these introductory sentences above the slides.

Click SAVE at the top right of the page.

If you’re comfortable editing HTML code, you can change the width and height of the slides for easier viewing. Click the pencil icon to edit the Landing Page, and then click Code View ( < > ) on the text editor toolbar to experiment with a different width and height.

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