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Adding new versions - Proofs
Adding new versions - Proofs
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One extremely useful feature of Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise and Approval Manager, is that the system keeps track of every proof version you create on a Job or standalone Proof.

This is helpful because it provides an audit trail, or record, of each proof version as well as the decisions that were made (and by whom).

Additionally, you can easily compare current and previous versions of a proof. This can be very useful in making sure that all edits were properly made and that the creative work meets the specs of a job.

This article will show you how to add new versions to Approval Manager and standalone Proofs in Workgroups DaVinci.

Let's learn how to add a new proof version:

  • Open the proof ticket in the Web Portal

  • On the schedule, go to the current stage

  • Click the "Route" button and then send the proof "Back To Productio"

  • If you have chosen "Individual Files" as your proof type on the ticket, you can simply click "Upload" and select your new file. It will be loaded as a new version of the existing proof file.


  • If you have chosen "Group Files" as your proof type on the ticket, click "Manage Files"

  • When the file modal opens, click the "Add Files" button and add your file(s).

  • If the file has the same name as the earlier version, the system will automatically identify and load it as a new version. If it does not, you can make it a new version by clicking on the new file and dragging it on top of the earlier version.

  • Once you have created your new version, you can check the "Complete production for uploaded files" box and click "Save", but only if you want the proof to go directly on to the next approval stage.


  • If you want to move the proof to a different stage, make sure the "Complete production for uploaded files" box is unchecked and click "Save."

  • Then click "Route" and select the stage you want to route the proof to.

Congratulations, you've just learned how to add new proof versions to Approval Manager and standalone proofs in Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise.

Now, learn how to compare different proof versions here.

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