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How do you review a proof in Approval Manager or Workgroups DaVinci?

Let's learn how:

  • To begin, you'll receive an email that will look like this. Click the "Review" button on the right of the email


  • You can log into the Approval Manager or Workgroups DaVinci Web Portal

  • Go to your "Proofs" tab

  • Open the "Review" folder

  • and click the "Review" button to the right of the proof there

  • Once you click the "Review" button in your email, or the web portal, the proofer will open.

  • You will be able to see a rendering of the proof file and can user several tools on the top tool bar to inspect the proof, make or review comments, and ultimately make a decision (Approve/Reject) on the file.

You can explore these tools on your own, or continue reading for a more detailed description.

Proofer toolbar tools

  • Use the arrow to go back to the web portal tabs and menu.

  • The comment icon opens up the proof sidebar.

  • where you can search, see, and reply to comments on the proof

  • See and click on page thumbnails to more easily navigate the proof

  • See the reviewers assigned to the proof, the number of comments they've made and if they have approved or rejected the proof yet (bubbles on the left)

  • You can also see additional info about the proof

  • Next you'll see the file name. Click on it to download or export the proof.

  • This button shows you the version of the proof. Click here to learn about version compare.

  • You can rotate the proof, zoom in and out, or zoom to an area with these tools.

  • Next are the annotation tools. Click one to mark up the proof and make a comment. Click here for a video that shows the tools in more detail.

  • Finally, click "Make Your Decision" to open the "Decision" modal. Here you can Approve, Approve with Changes or Reject the proof.

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