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Conversationally Edit and Explain External Code
Conversationally Edit and Explain External Code
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In addition to generating new code, CodeWP provides an easy way to conversationally edit and modify existing code snippets.

Pasting in Existing Code

To edit existing code:

  1. Create a new snippet file in the code editor.

  2. Copy and paste the existing code you want to edit into the new file.

  3. Click the save icon to save the pasted code into the editor.

Making Edits Conversationally

With the code saved in the editor, you can now make edits conversationally:

  • Enter prompts explaining how you want to modify the code.

  • CodeWP's AI will analyze your request and make changes directly in the code.

  • Review the edits and refine with additional prompts if needed.

Getting Help Explaining Code

You can also get help explaining how pasted code works by asking questions like:

  • "Explain what this code snippet does."

  • "What is the purpose of this function?"

  • "How does this hook work?"

CodeWP will provide straightforward explanations of the existing code.

Leveraging Plugin Modes

If editing a plugin's code, select that plugin's mode for the best results.

The AI has deep knowledge of many popular plugins to make conversations seamless.

Modifying existing code is fast and easy with CodeWP. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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