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Chat UI
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CodeWP's conversational Chat mode provides an easy way to get answers and information from the AI. Here's an overview of the interface and key features.

Switching to Chat Mode

To access Chat, click the "Chat" tab in the top bar from either the dashboard or code editor.

Chat shares history with the code editor for a seamless experience.

Chat Interface Overview

The chat interface consists of:

  • Conversation history pane - Where messages appear.

  • Input field - Type your prompt here.

  • Submit button - Submit prompt to generate response.

  • Settings icon - Adjust conversational settings.

  • Context icon - Provide external pages for context.

Having a Conversation

Simply type your prompt or question in the input field and hit enter or click submit.

The AI will analyze the prompt and generate a response in the conversation history pane.

Ask followup questions or clarify to continue the conversation naturally.

Sample Use Cases

You can use Chat mode for things like:

  • Getting WordPress support and troubleshooting help.

  • Asking for suggestions on plugins, themes, etc.

  • Understanding how something works.

  • Getting optimized code snippets.

  • Doing SEO and conversion optimization audits.

  • Getting accessibility feedback.

Right Sidebar Features

The right sidebar in Chat contains useful options:

  • Project - Select for personalized info.

  • Mode - Choose a specific plugin mode for focused results.

  • Vision (alpha) - Connect a site to see it conversationally.

Seamless Experience

The chat is tightly integrated with coding for easy switching between modes while retaining history and context.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of Chat! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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