Follow these steps to import your Google Classroom courses into Writable. By importing Google Classroom rosters teachers can assign to the Google Classroom stream and pass grades to their Google gradebook.

Note: You'll want to be sure your Writable account is linked to Google in order to link to Google Classroom.

1. Log into your Writable account and click 'Classes' in the navigation bar.

2. Click the 'Import Google Classes' button.

3. (Optional) If you get asked to confirm your Google connection, click 'Proceed'.

4. Check the box next to the classes you’d like to import and then click 'Import'.

5. Once you've imported your classes, you can click the class to expand your roster. Note that students listed in light gray have not yet created their Writable accounts. They will show as active once they log in to Writable with their Google credentials.

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