It's a good idea to 'Archive' your classes from last year as you get started with the new school year.

1. In your account, at the top in your navigation bar click 'Classes'.

2. Click on the class you want to archive to expand it. Then use the hamburger icon (three lines) in the top right corner to find 'Archive Class'.

3. Click 'Continue'.

4. Your class will be removed from your 'My Classes' list to 'Archived Classes'.

If you choose to un-assign when you archive a class, it will appear in the 'Unassigned Classes' section so you remember that you used it in the past.

NOTE: If you choose to Un-assign, students will no longer have access to assignments in their assignment list:

If you ever need to un-archive the class, expand 'Archived Classes' by clicking on the arrow. Then click on the class to expand it and click 'Unarchive Class'.

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