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How do I archive/delete an assignment?
How do I archive/delete an assignment?

Archive an assignment to remove it from your Assignments list.

Updated over a week ago

In Writable, teachers can archive instead of deleting an assignment. Follow these steps to archive older assignments to remove them from your 'Active' and 'Inactive' lists.

❗️Archiving an assignment will remove the assignment from any published Writable Collections.

  1. Click 'My Assignments'.

  2. Select the assignment you want to archive and click the box icon to the right of the assignment. If the assignment is not assigned to any classes, the assignment will immediately move to the 'Archived Assignments' section.

  3. If the assignment is assigned to a class, you will need to select one of the options: 'Just Archive' or 'Unassign and Archive'.

    • 'Just Archive' will move the assignment to the 'Archived Assignments' section for all students.

    • 'Unassign and Archive' will remove all students in the class from the assignment and place the assignment in the teacher's 'Archived Assignments' section.

  4. If you wish to unarchive an assignment, you can do so by going to 'Archived Assignments' and clicking the arrow icon to undo.

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