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How do I archive/unarchive classes?
How do I archive/unarchive classes?

Archive previous classes while keeping student data.

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It's a good idea to 'Archive' your classes from last year as you get started with the new school year. Follow these steps to archive.

Note: Classes synced with Google Classroom and Schoology will automatically show as archived once they are removed or inactive in the LMS. Canvas and Ed-linked classes will need to be manually archived using the following directions.

1. Click on 'Classes' at the top of the page and then click on the class title.

2. Click the menu icon (three lines) in the top right corner, and then click 'Archive Class'.

3. Archiving a class will unassign all current assignments for the class. This removes student access to the assignments. Click 'Continue' to confirm the archive.

4. Your class will be removed from your 'My Classes' list to 'Archived Classes'.

5. If you would like to unarchive your class, click the class title and then select 'Unarchive Class'. You will need to reassign any assignments to the class.

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