Rubrics in Writable allow teachers to set grading criteria for an assignment that students can use to evaluate peers’ writing as well as their own. This helps students understand what is expected of them and apply it throughout the revision process. Teachers use the same rubric to score assignments for a final grade.

Anytime a student begins writing, he/she will see the rubric listed on the right side of the screen. If the assignment includes a reading, students will need to click 'Check & Submit' to see the rubric.

Reviewers will also see the rubric on the right side of the screen but will also see stars they can use to provide a score for each item.

Hover over any star to see the proficiency label and click on it to give the item that score.

Over time, rubrics allow us to collect data for teachers about how students are growing as writers and where they might need to improve.

For more information on using rubrics, please see How do I edit rubrics? and How do I create my own rubric?.

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