What is a rubric?
Learn more about rubrics and how to use them in Writable.
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Rubrics in Writable allow teachers to set grading criteria for an assignment that students can use to evaluate peers’ writing as well as their own. This helps students understand what is expected of them and apply it throughout the revision process. Teachers use the same rubric to score assignments for a final grade and to track student performance.

There are two types of sections teachers can create in Writable assignments. Below we'll discuss how rubrics are used in both Single Response and Multi Response sections.

Rubrics in Single Response Sections

Single Response Sections provide students with one area to write their responses. These sections must be linked to at least one rubric item for self, peer, and teacher reviews. Single Response sections are ideal for essays and other composition assignments.

When students begin writing they will see the rubric listed on the right side of the screen. If the assignment includes a reading, students will need to click 'Check & Submit' to see the rubric.

When reviewing the writing, students and teachers will see the rubric on the right side of the screen, but will also see stars to provide a score for each rubric item.

Reviewers can hover over any star to see the proficiency label and click on it to give the item that score.

Rubrics in Multi Response Sections

Multi Response Sections provide multiple areas for students to write and respond. Multi Response sections can include graphic organizers, multiple-choice, and short-response questions. These are ideal for planning, activating prior knowledge, and checking for understanding.

Each question in a multi-response section can be linked to a single rubric item for tracking student performance. Teachers can also choose not to include a rubric item for the question.

In the example below, the section includes two questions. The first question asking students to find word meaning is tied to the first rubric item, "I determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases." The second question is tied to the second rubric item.

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