How do I edit an existing rubric?

Adjust a pre-made rubric to fit your needs and save time.

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Find a pre-made rubric using these tips, then follow the steps below to edit the rubric.

1. Adjust the title of the rubric, and add or customize student-facing instructions at the top of the rubric.

2. Re-order the rubric items using the arrows on the right side to move them up or down in the list. If you would like to remove an item from the rubric completely, click the blue 'X' next to the item.

3. Click on a rubric item to edit rubric criteria.

4. Edit the rubric item to meet your grading needs. You can read more about editing an existing rubric item here.

5. When you're done editing a rubric item, click the blue 'Done' button in the lower right corner to save your changes and return to the Edit Rubric screen.

6. On the Edit Rubric screen, you can click to edit or add another rubric item, or click 'Done' to save your customized rubric.

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