1. Click 'Explore' in the navigation bar at the top of your account.

2. Find an assignment that interests you and click on the tile.

3. Click the “Preview as Student” button.

Note: If you selected an assignment with multiple prompts, you will be prompted to select a prompt before previewing.

4. Click 'Preview as Writer' to see the assignment as a writer and click 'Preview as Reviewer' to see it as a student-reviewer.

5. If you like the assignment and would like to use it, click 'Copy to My Assignments' otherwise just click the “Close Preview” to go back to “Explore.

Note: If you make edits to the assignment and want to preview it as you edit:

1. Click 'My Assignments' find and click the assignment you’d like to edit.

2. Click the 'Edit' in the assignment tile and make your changes.

3. When you’re ready, scroll back up to the top of the assignment and click the 'Preview as Student' button.


You can keep doing this as long as you’re editing, to see how changes affect what your students will see.

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