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How do I view an assignment from a student's perspective?
How do I view an assignment from a student's perspective?

You can preview and model any assignment from a student’s perspective using these directions and the Assign to Me feature.

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Writable offers 3 ways to view an assignment as a student.

Preview the assignment from Explore

Before copying an assignment, teachers can preview how it will look for students by following these steps:

1. Click 'Explore' in the navigation bar at the top of your account.

2. Choose a Category, and click on a Collection tile to browse the individual assignments. In the example below, we have selected the "Readings & Media" Category, and the "Response to Reading" Collection.

3. Click an assignment to open and view its details. Click the 'Preview as Student' button.

Note: If you selected an assignment with multiple prompts, you will be asked to select a prompt before previewing.

4. Click 'Preview as Writer' to see the assignment as a writer, or click 'Preview as Reviewer' to see it as a peer-reviewer would.

5. If you would like to use the assignment, click 'Copy to My Assignments' at the top of the window. Click the 'Close Preview' to go back to the assignment library.

Preview while editing an assignment

Follow these steps to preview while editing an assignment.

1. Click 'My Assignments' at the top of your screen and click the assignment.

2. Click the 'Edit' button to make adjustments to the assignment. While editing, you can click 'Preview As Student' anytime.

Tip! Don't want to edit the assignment? You can click the 'Preview' button in the assignment tile instead of 'Edit'.

3. While previewing, use the buttons in the yellow banner to see the assignment as a peer-reviewer, change the prompt (if multiple prompts are available), or close the preview and return to the previous screen.

Use the 'Assign to Me' Feature

The 'Assign to Me' option allows teachers to model the assignment as a student.

1. From 'My Assignments', click the assignment and click the 'Assign' button.

2. Check the box next to 'Assign to Me'. Click 'Next'.

3. Choose the assignment options you'd like to model and click 'Assign'.

4. Click the student icon to model the assignment as a student.

Note: You'll also see this assignment if you use the 'Act as Student' feature.

5. When you are finished modeling as a student, click the 'Act as Teacher' link in the top right corner to return to your teacher account.

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