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How do I add video instruction to my prompt? 🎥
How do I add video instruction to my prompt? 🎥
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To better support students, especially during times of virtual learning, you can record a video of yourself speaking to your students inside any Writable prompt.

Watch our video overview of this feature or continue reading below for step-by-step instructions.

Use Video Instruction to record a video of up to 5 minutes to:

  • Teach a mini-lesson

  • Demonstrate a strategy

  • Reinforce a skill

  • Motivate & engage your students

  • Send a reminder

'Video Instruction' videos are easy to record and add to any video prompt. No additional video service or uploading is required.

To add a video to your prompt, you will need a camera on your computer. This would be the same type of camera that you'd use to show your face to students on a Zoom or Google Meet video call.

1. Once you have selected and edited your assignment go to the 'Edit' button on 'My Assignments':

2. On the Edit Assignment screen, click 'Add Video Instruction':


3. When ready, click the red dot to begin recording. Don't worry! You can always Cancel and record again:


4. During recording, the red dot will turn to a red rectangle and you can click 'Save Video' when you are done. A maximum of 5 minutes is allowed.


5. When you return to your Editing screen, your video will appear here. You can preview what it looks like for your students anytime:


6. To delete your video and record a new one, just click the 'X':


7. Students will see the video in their assignment like this:


Note: You can also add videos for your students from YouTube. See this article for those instructions.

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