How do I edit prompts?

Adjust any prompt in Writable to fit your assignment.

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You can edit any prompt in the app, whether you created it or chose it from our prompt bank. (Trying to create your own prompt? Click here.)

1. From 'My Assignments', click the assignment you'd like to edit.

2. Click 'Edit'.

3. If you have more than one prompt, use the drop-down menu to select the prompt you'd like to edit. Then click the pencil icon.

4. You'll then be able to edit the prompt text. You can also add a video by copying and pasting a Youtube link into the bar beneath the prompt, labeled 'Video Link'.

Tip! If your school filters block Youtube and you need to use videos from articles or other sources, that's not a problem! Just copy and paste the URL into the text box of the prompt. Students will be able to click on the URL and watch the video (or read an article).

5. Click 'Done' when changes are complete.

Advanced Options:
Writable offers several tools you can add to support students as they write. Click the links below to learn more:

Note: RevisionAid is temporarily unavailable while Writable works to improve this student support.

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