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How do I adjust the weight or points of rubric items?
How do I adjust the weight or points of rubric items?

Adjust how much each rubric item on your assignment is worth.

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1. Find the assignment you'd like to work on in your 'My Assignments' tab and click on the assignment.

2. Then click 'Edit'.

3. Scroll down to the rubric items.

  • If you have chosen the Points scoring option, you'll see a box labeled 'Points' next to each item. Adjust the points for each rubric item. Note that scores will be a number of points out of the total sum.

  • If you have chosen the Percentage or Numeric scoring option, you’ll see a box labeled 'Weight'. Increase the value to indicate that a particular item is worth more in the overall score calculation. Changes will be saved automatically.

    For example: If you set an item’s point value to "3", then that rubric item is worth 3x more points than the other items on the rubric. When scores are averaged and exported, that particular rubric item will contribute more to the overall assignment grade.

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