1. Click on the assignment you would like to add the model to. (If you have not selected an assignment, click here to learn how!)

2. Click 'Edit'.

3. Click the 'Prompt text will appear here...' button at the top of the assignment.

4. If you did not previously select a prompt, find a prompt that will fit your model and click 'Copy & Select for Students'. (If you would like to create a 'New Prompt', click here to learn how!)

5. Click 'Create Model'.

6. Type your sample writing into the text box and then click 'Submit'.

7. A message will appear that asks if you are ready to submit, click 'Submit' and then click 'OK'.

8. Complete a review of your model. Use the rubric on the right side and select the appropriate scores. These are the scores that will be used as an 'answer key' for student reviews. When you're finished, click 'Submit'.

9. Return to 'My Assignments' and click the assignment tile, and then 'Assign'.

10. Select the 'Classes' you want to assign.

11. Your students are now ready to review the model. Just have them log into the app, click on the assignment tile, and then click 'Review'. They will see the same model and rubric, and will be asked to complete a review of the writing. Students will receive immediate feedback on whether their review matched your model.

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