1. First, navigate to the student submissions you want to grade. (Don’t know how? Click here.)

2. To rate students' writing and comment on checklist items: Hover over the stars to see the proficiency labels and click on the star that best describes the student’s work. Click 'Add comment' to add additional feedback on the checklist item.

3. To provide feedback on specific text: Highlight a specific sentence, word, or section of the students’ essay with your cursor. This will open the in-line feedback popup. Write your comment in the text box and click 'Done'.

4. To provide in-line feedback connected to the rubric: Make sure the box next to “Enable RubricMatch” is checked. This will assign each of your rubric items a color that you can use to highlight issues in the student’s submission. Click the number of the checklist item you're commenting on. Click 'Done' when finished.

Tips: Hover over each color to see which checklist item it is linked to. You can also match multiple highlights to a single rubric item, which is especially useful for grammar, spelling, and punctuation feedback.

NOTE: Right now, you can match colors to up to 8 different rubric items. If your rubric has more than 8 items, you can assign yellow and just let students know in a comment beneath the rubric item.

5. Finally, you can provide any overall comments or thoughts in the text box at the bottom of the rubric. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.


  • Teachers can complete a partial review on submitted student work. Scores will not be synced to a gradebook until the entire rubric is graded.

  • Teachers can edit their grades/reviews on the most recently submitted writing.

6. If notifications are enabled, students will receive a notification of feedback. Students can hover over highlights to view feedback or see comments in the rubric pane.

Click here to learn more about how students view feedback and revise their writing.

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