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How do I grade and review student work? 🎥
How do I grade and review student work? 🎥

Grade and provide feedback to students as comments on a rubric, as in-line comments, or with audio and video options.

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Writable allows teachers to review and grade student work throughout the writing process. Teachers can leave comments, highlighted notes, and audio/video feedback on student writing.

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Note: To review student submissions, you'll need to first go to the Assignment Dashboard for the class.

Option 1: Grade in a 'stack'

If you'd like to review student responses one after another, you can grade submissions like a stack of papers from the Assignment Dashboard.

1. From the 'Students' view in the Assignment Dashboard, click 'Grade Now'.

Tip! Go to Settings to 'Collect Papers' to prevent students from revising their work while you are grading.

2. Choose which filters you'd like to use while grading student papers. You can read more about the options here. Then click 'Start Grading'.

Scoring and Leaving Feedback

3. To rate students' writing and comment on rubric items: Hover over the stars to see the proficiency labels and click on the star that best describes the student’s work. Click 'Add comment' to add additional feedback on the checklist item.

4. To provide feedback on specific text: Highlight a specific sentence, word, or section of the students’ essay with your cursor. This will open the in-line feedback popup. Write your comment in the text box and click 'Done'.

5. To provide in-line feedback connected to the rubric: Make sure the box next to “Enable RubricMatch” is checked. This will assign each of your rubric items a color that you can use to highlight issues in the student’s submission. Click the number of the checklist item you're commenting on. Click 'Done' when finished.

Tip! Hover over each color to see which checklist item it is linked to. You can also match multiple highlights to a single rubric item, which is especially useful for grammar, spelling, and punctuation feedback.

6. To leave additional feedback: Choose from the options 'Add Written Feedback' or 'Add Audio/Video Feedback' at the bottom of the rubric. This is a great way to leave overall feedback on the writing, especially when using video feedback for virtual teaching.

7. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.

Tip! Teachers can edit their grades/reviews on the most recently submitted writing.

8. If notifications are enabled, students will receive a notification of feedback. Students can hover over highlights to view feedback or see comments in the rubric pane.

Option 2: Grade an individual student

You can also open and review a single student's writing submission from the Assignment Dashboard.

1. From the Students view in the Assignment Dashboard, click on a student's name.

Note: You can only click to open students who have clicked to submit their responses.

2. You can also open a single student's writing from the Guide/Grade view by clicking on the student's name.

3. Both options will take you to the full-grading view. You can score the rubric items, leave comments, and add audio or video feedback following the same directions as above.

Option 3: Grade by question

Writable's Guide/Grade view allows teachers to view assignments by each question, speeding up the process of reviewing and leaving feedback on short responses.

1. From the Assignment Dashboard, click the 'Guide/Grade' tab in the left menu to view student responses by question.

2. Use the options at the top of the list to choose what you would like to review. First, choose which section of the assignment you want to see.

Note: If your assignment has only one section, you will not see a drop-down option here.

3. If you are reviewing a short-response section you can then choose which question to review. Multiple choice questions will be automatically scored by Writable, while questions requiring students to write a short response will require teacher review.

4. If you have new submissions that need teacher review, you can click the double-arrow icon to skip ahead.

5. Optionally, you can choose to filter which students you are reviewing based on their assignment status and scores.

6. While reviewing short response questions, you will see the question and Answer Key (if provided) at the top of the page for your reference.

7. Mark a score for the rubric below each student submission. If you'd like, leave a comment for the student in the box below their answer.

8. Once you have completed your reviews, click 'Submit Completed Reviews' in the top right corner.

Tip! If you'd like to edit a comment or score for a short response question click the student's name to see the full grading view.

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