Writable allows teachers to provide feedback to students while they are drafting, before they submit, and after they submit their writing assignment. In this article, we'll walk through grading submitted student work.

Want to provide live conferencing feedback while students are writing? Check out our article and video on Live Feedback in Writable.

Once students have submitted their writing, teachers can grade using the assignment rubric, leave comments, and even provide audio and video feedback.

1. From 'My Assignments', click on the assignment you'd like to grade.

2. Then click the class section.

Tip! You can see what percent of your students have submitted writing and how much you have graded.

3. In the Assignment Dashboard, click 'Grade Now' at the top of the screen or above the student list.

You can also scroll down to the student list and click 'Grade Now'.

Tip! Click "Collect Papers" to collect all student writing and prevent students from revising their work while you are grading.

4. Choose which filters you'd like to use while grading student papers. You can read more about the options here. Click 'Start Grading' once you've chosen how you would like to grade.

5. To rate students' writing and comment on rubric items: Hover over the stars to see the proficiency labels and click on the star that best describes the student’s work. Click 'Add comment' to add additional feedback on the checklist item.

6. To provide feedback on specific text: Highlight a specific sentence, word, or section of the students’ essay with your cursor. This will open the in-line feedback popup. Write your comment in the text box and click 'Done'.

7. To provide in-line feedback connected to the rubric: Make sure the box next to “Enable RubricMatch” is checked. This will assign each of your rubric items a color that you can use to highlight issues in the student’s submission. Click the number of the checklist item you're commenting on. Click 'Done' when finished.

Tip! Hover over each color to see which checklist item it is linked to. You can also match multiple highlights to a single rubric item, which is especially useful for grammar, spelling, and punctuation feedback.

8. To leave additional feedback: Choose from the options to 'Add Written Feedback' or 'Add Audio/Video Feedback' at the bottom of the rubric. This is a great option for overall feedback on the writing, especially when using video feedback for virtual teaching.

Click here to read more about Audio and Video Feedback.

9. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.

Tip! Teachers can edit their grades/reviews on the most recently submitted writing.

10. If notifications are enabled, students will receive a notification of feedback. Students can hover over highlights to view feedback or see comments in the rubric pane.

Click here to learn more about how students view feedback and revise their writing.

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