See how many students have done at least one revision, and gain insight into whether writers are making changes based on the reviews they received.

Dashboard Highlights:

1+ Revisions: This dial shows what percent of students have completed at least one revision. For example, if the number read 48%, you’d know that 48% of student shave revised their writing at least once.

Smiley Icon: This percent shows how many students have successfully addressed comments left by peer reviewers.

  • When a student peer reviews, they should leave comments to help the writer understand how they can improve their writing. Writers select which comments they'd like to address in their revision. When the revised writing is submitted, the next review can see which comments the writer focused on and click a smiley face to indicate that the comment was successfully addressed.
  • A 0% in this section would indicate one of two things: Students are not leaving helpful review comments, or writers are not revising to address feedback. Either way, 'Revision Spotlights' can help you determine what’s going on.

Revision Spotlights:

Revision Spotlights let you see student submission as well as the comments and scores made by reviewers.

1. Click 'Revision Spotlights' to see details.

2. Click 'Grade' to begin grading the submissions that you haven’t graded yet, or click 'View' by a student's name to see their Revision Spotlight.

3. The Revision Spotlight will show the first draft they submitted, as well as the most recent version. The percent in the top right corner is the score that student currently has.

In the student's writing, text in red was cut from the writing and green text was added.

4. View the 'Feedback' section to see the names of all peer reviewers, as well as the scores they gave the writer and the comments they made.

5. In the next section, you can provide feedback to all reviewers and the writer in one place. Simply write your comments, select a star score for the peer reviewers as a whole and for the writer, then click 'Submit'.

Note: Writers will not see the feedback you gave reviewers, and reviewers will not see the feedback you gave the writer. However, all peer reviewers will see the same feedback. This is a good place to see what concepts reviewers are not understanding and give quick feedback that might help steer them in the right direction.

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