After submitting their writing, students can receive feedback from their teachers and their peers. Reviewers will rate the student's work on the rubrics, providing scores and leaving comments. Below are steps for how students will revise their writing based on the feedback they've received.

Note: Students can also follow these directions to unsubmit their submitted writing and make changes, even before they've received feedback.

Tip! Email notifications can be set up to alert students when they receive feedback. Click here to learn more.

1. Click on the assignment, and then click anywhere in the 'Read & Write' section.

2. Ratings and comments will be shown on the rubric to the right of the writing.

  • If a comment was left on a specific rubric item, it will show under that item.

  • Hover over highlighted text to see comments specific to that writing.

3. Click 'Revise Now' above the writing, or 'Revise' beneath the rubric to begin making changes to the writing.

4. Once you are revising, comments will remain visible though highlights will disappear. To see which text a comment is referring to, hover over the comment.

5. Once the revisions are complete, click 'Submit Revision'.

6. Before submitting, select the hearts next to the comments addressed in the revision. For example, if you added a conclusion to your writing you would "heart" the feedback about adding a conclusion.

This is a great way to reflect on how you improved your writing, and let your reviewer know their comment was helpful!

Now your revised writing will be shared for more feedback and grading, and your writing process continues!

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