When students receive teacher and peer reviews, they will also receive comments with those reviews intended to help them improve their writing. Students can pick and choose which feedback they will use to revise.

1. Students click on the assignment they wish to revise.

2. On their dashboards, they will see the 'Read & Write' section on the left side. The student can select anywhere inside the 'Read & Write' button to revise the writing.

3. Students can see how they were scored by their reviewer on the right side of the screen where the checklist is. Once they have read through the comments and understand what changes they want to make, they should click 'Revise' above their revision or at the bottom of the checklist.

4. Students will see all the comments provided by reviewers. Students will click on the heart icon next to the comment they plan to address in their revision. When the student clicks the 'Revise' button their screen will switch to their writing.

5. Students can see the comments they chose to revise against beneath the rubric. They can click 'Edit' at any time, to see all of the reviewer comments again, or click 'Submit Revision' to submit their writing.

The writing cycle begins again!

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