Writable uses both LTI and API connections with Schoology to allow for maximum flexibility and ease for teachers. The process listed below needs to be completed by the District’s Schoology Admin.

Set Up Steps:

  1. District Schoology Admin: Writable integrates with Schoology in 2 ways:
    1) Please fill out this form so we can send you your LTI key/secret, and
    2) Send us API details per form instructions.
  2. Writable: Will email you the LTI key and secret for set up within 24 hours.
  3. District Schoology Admin: Follow the steps below to complete set up.


1. As a Schoology admin, navigate to the Schoology App Center from your Schoology account. (Don't know how to access the App Center? Please see these instructions from Schoology.)

2. Find and click on the 'Writable' app.

3. Click the 'Install LTI App' button.

4. Click 'I Agree' and 'Continue' on the permissions popups:

5. Click 'Add to Organization'.

6. To configure with an LTI Key and Secret, find the Writable app in the list of Installed Apps and click the 'Configure' button. [Note: if you have also sent us API details, that is set up by Writable.]

7. Enter the Key and Secret Writable provided then click 'Save Settings'.

8. Navigate to the 'Organizations App' page with can be found at https://yourdomain.schoology.com/apps/school_apps

9. Next, find the Writable app in the list of Installed Apps and click the 'Install/Remove' button.

10. Add Writable to 'All Courses' and click 'Submit'.

Note from Schoology: Configuring the App is not the same as installing it. School Admins have the option to configure the App only, giving their instructors the option to install it individually. To do this, do not check any boxes designating which course or school you want the app installed in after you've clicked the Install App button located in Schoology's App Center.

Your teachers are now ready to begin using Writable!

  1. If you've given us API details, teachers can log into Writable with Schoology at app.writable.com and import their courses. Students can access assignments either from Schoology or app.writable.com.

2. If you have configured only the LTI key and secret, teachers can create an assignment inside Schoology using Writable as an external tool.

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