You can link any Writable assignment (and its scores!) to an assignment in Schoology. This article covers how to create an assignment starting in Schoology. You can also create and assign Schoology assignments from inside Writable.

1. Start in your selected Course and click 'Add Materials' beneath the course name, then select 'Writable'.

2. After you click Writable, you may be asked to Connect your Google or Microsoft account. This is an important step, do not skip it! This step ensures that you (and your students) do not end up with two separate accounts and assignment lists in Writable.

3. Select an assignment from the Writable 'My Assignments' screen that will open in a new popup window. [If you don't have an assignment you like copied to 'My Assignments' yet, click 'Explore Assignments' and copy something to 'My Assignments' first, then return to this step.]

4. Choose your feedback and assignment options, and click 'Select Assignment'.

5. The assignment will now appear in your course and section. Click the cog icon and then 'Edit' to enable grading, set points, and set a due date and other Schoology assignment settings.

6. Important! In order for the grading you do in Writable to sync to your Schoology gradebook, make sure you click 'Enable Grading' and select a Category for the gradebook. Fields like Tool Provider, Title, and URL will be pre-filled; this screen will only ask you to select your typical Schoology assignment settings. When you are finished, click 'Save Changes'.

Congrats! Your students can now log into Schoology and access their Writable assignments OR log into and choose 'Login with Schoology' to access them there.

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