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How do I create a Writable assignment in Schoology?
How do I create a Writable assignment in Schoology?
Create a Writable assignment from inside a Schoology course
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This article will show you the steps to assign a Writable assignment in Schoology using 'Add Materials'.

1. First, log in to your Schoology account.

2. Choose your Schoology course and click 'Add Materials' beneath the course name. Then select 'Writable'.

Note: You should always click 'Add Materials' to assign a Writable assignment while in Schoology. Using the Writable icon on the left menu will not assign to your classes.

3. After you click Writable, you may be asked to Connect your Google or Microsoft account.

Note: This is an important step, do not skip it! This step ensures that you (and your students) do not end up with two separate accounts and assignment lists in Writable.

4. In the Writable pop-up, click on an assignment.

Tip! If you don't have an assignment you like copied to 'My Assignments' yet, click 'Explore Assignments' to find and copy an assignment. Then return to this step.
For more guidance on copying an assignment, click here.

5. Choose your feedback and assignment options, and click 'Select Assignment'.

6. The assignment will now appear in your course and section. Click the cog icon and then 'Edit' to enable grading, set points, set a due date, and other Schoology assignment settings.

Note: In order for Writable grades to sync to your Schoology gradebook, make sure you click 'Enable Grading' and select a Category for the gradebook. When you are finished, click 'Save Changes'.

Tip! Fields like 'Tool Provider,' 'Title,' and 'URL' will be pre-filled. You do not need to enter information in the 'Consumer Key,' 'Shared Secret,' or 'Custom Parameters' fields.

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