Students must be part of a course roster that has been synced with Writable in order to see their Writable assignments in Schoology. Students should then do the following:

1. Log into Schoology.
Note: As of August 2020, Writable works best with Schoology on mobile web browsers, not the native Schoology iOS app because of how Schoology's in-app browser works today. In addition, Schoology is not working seamlessly with Safari due to the recent v13.1 Safari update. Please read Schoology guidance on changing your mobile and desktop Safari settings.

2. Click into the Course in 'Courses'.

3. Click on the Writable assignment from the list.

4. Students may be prompted to connect to a Google or Microsoft account.

Note: This step is extremely important to ensure the student does not end up with two different accounts and sets of assignments.

This connection is also necessary for using embedded Google Docs or 'Export to Google Drive' for the student.

5. Finally, students will see their Writable student dashboard and should click 'Read & Write' to begin their assignment.

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