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Can I reset a student's password?
Can I reset a student's password?

Learn how to reset student passwords.

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NOTE: Students that log in via Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Schoology, MyHRW or HMH Ed will need to reset their password according to your district's policies. We recommend reaching out to a school or district tech coordinator for assistance.

If your students do not use a third party to log in to Writable, follow these steps to reset their password.

1. Log into your account and click 'Classes' in the navigation bar.

2. Find the class the student is in and click on it to expand it.

3. Click the pencil icon next to the student’s name in your roster.

4. Click 'Reset Password'.

5. Create a new password for the student. You’ll see a password strength meter as you enter a password, passwords must be above 'weak' to be accepted.

Click 'Submit' when you’re ready.

6. Don’t forget to let the student know their new password! Click 'OK' and then 'Done'.

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