If you’ve copied an assignment from the Writable assignment bank, RevisionAid may already be set up for your assignment. Follow the steps below to enable it for your assignment.

NOTE: If you don’t see RevisionAid as an option while assigning it’s easy to set it up with your own prompts using these directions.

1. When you're ready to assign, click 'My Assignments', find the assignment you want students to complete, and click the 'Assign' button.

2. Check the box next to the class(es) you'd like to assign the activity and click 'Next'.

3. Check the box next to 'Enable RevisionAid' and click 'Assign'.

NOTE: At this time, RevisionAid will work with any type of writing except Fictional Narrative (such as a short story) and Poetry. For questions or support on enabling RevisionAid, please contact support@writable.com.

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