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How do I edit assignment options?
How do I edit assignment options?

Adjust assignment setting options or add a review step after you've assigned it to your class

Updated over a week ago

Once you've assigned an assignment to your class, follow these directions to make adjustments to your assignment options.

💡Tip! This is a great way to add a self-review or peer review to an assignment after students have submitted their writing.

1. From the 'My Assignments' page, click on the assignment you'd like to edit.

2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the assignment's settings for that class.

Note: You will need to edit the assignment settings for each class separately.

3. In the settings window, make adjustments and then click 'Save'.

Tips & Notes:

  • To remove an assignment from an LMS (ex. Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas) you will need to unassign the assignment entirely.

  • If you have scheduled an assignment for a later date you can click on the blue date to reschedule it.

  • Student supports can also be enabled or disabled for individual students using these steps.

  • RevisionAid is temporarily unavailable while Writable works to improve this student support.

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