How do I build a multi-response section?

Add graphic organizers, multiple-choice, and short-response questions to your assignment with a multi response section.

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There are two types of sections in Writable assignments.

  • Single Response Sections provide students with one area to write their responses. These sections will be linked to a rubric used for self, peer, and teacher review. Single Response sections are ideal for essays and other composition assignments.

  • Multi Response Sections provide multiple areas for students to write and respond. Multi Response sections can include graphic organizers, multiple-choice, and short-response questions. These are ideal for planning, activating prior knowledge, and checking for understanding.

In this article, you will learn how to add and build a custom multi response section in an existing assignment.

1. Go to 'My Assignments' and click on the assignment you want to edit. Then click the 'Edit' button.

2. Scroll to the tabbed sections and click the blue + icon next to the section tabs.

3. Enter the title for the new section and select the 'Multi Response' option. Then, click 'Add Section'.

4. Click 'Edit Section'.

5. Choose what entries to add to the section. Multi response sections can be composed of multiple entries (i.e. questions and organizers).

Adding a Graphic Organizer

  • To add a pre-made Graphic Organizer, click 'Browse Organizer Library'.

Note: If you'd like to add sentence starters or a Google Doc as a graphic organizer you'll need to follow these steps.

  • Scroll through the Writable organizers. Click 'Select' to add the organizer to the assignment.

Adding Other Question Types

  • To add instructions, multiple-choice, short response, or a table click 'Write Questions'.

  • Select what type of question to add.

    • Instruction provides more direction for students.

    • Question is a question where students respond with a short written response

    • Multiple Choice Question is a question where students respond by selecting one of a set of possible answers.

    • Organizer is a customizable table that students complete with short written responses.

6. Once you have added an entry, click 'Add Entry' to continue building the section or click 'Done'.

7. If you have multiple entries, you can adjust the order using the arrows next to the entry title or by clicking the three-line icon. You can also add new entries or delete an entry.

8. (Optional) Each entry in a multi-response section may be linked to a single rubric item. If you'd like to edit the rubric item attached to an entry, click 'More' and then select the pencil icon to edit the rubric item or the trash icon to delete.

9. Once you have completed building your section we recommend clicking 'Preview' to see how the section will look for students. Click 'Done' to finish editing the section.

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