You can add any graphic organizer saved as a Google Doc to an assignment in Writable.

1. Go to 'My Assignments' and click on your assignment.

2. Select 'Edit'.

3. Click the 'Prompt text will appear here...' button at the top of the assignment.

4. Find the prompt you'd like to assign (or create your own), then click 'Edit' to use the existing prompt.

5. Additionally, you can 'Copy & Select for Students' to select a different prompt from the prompt library. Then click 'Edit' as shown above.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Edit Prompt' screen and click the blue triangle next to 'Graphic Organizers & Starter Answers'. Then click 'Add Template'.

6. Select 'Pick a Graphic Organizer' from the dropdown.

7. Now, you'll be able to preview available Graphic Organizers. Use the arrows at the top to cycle through them from left to right.

8. Additionally, you can click on the dropdown menu to see the list at one time and click on the title of the one you'd like to preview.

9. When you find one you want to use, click the 'Select' button in the lower right corner.

10. Your students will see the Graphic Organizer next to the checklist and can write directly in it.


❗️Note: You also have the option to click 'Browse My Google Docs' in step 6 above, which will let you attach a Google doc as Graphic Organizer to your assignment. However, all students must be connected to Google in the app in order for this to work. In addition, this is not recommended for students working on iPads.

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