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How do license administrators change user roles?
How do license administrators change user roles?

Administrators on a Writable license can adjust what information leaders can view and share in the district.

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License administrators can adjust the roles and permissions for users on the license using these steps:

1. Log in to your Writable account and click the icon in the top-right corner.

2. Select 'Manage Subscriptions'.

3. In the licensing tool click the 'Educators & Reporting Permissions' tab to see all teachers included on the license.

4. Next to a teacher's name you will see their permissions for the district and for each school.

5. To check permissions for a specific school, use the dropdown or scroll using the arrows.

6. To change the role for a user click the title and choose from the options.

Here are the available role options for users:

  • Admin - Can change the license, set user roles, and see all data within a district or school. Admins can also publish assignments and rubrics to 'My District'.

    • Note: Only license owners can manually add teachers to a license.

  • Viewer - Can see all student data associated with teachers and classes at the district or school-level, but cannot configure the license or change user roles. Viewers cannot publish assignments or rubrics to 'My District'.

  • Teacher - Can only see student data that is associated with students in their classes. Teachers cannot publish assignments or rubrics to 'My District'.

Tip! If Teachers or Viewers would like to share an assignment, they can use these directions to copy the assignment link and distribute it to other teachers.


  • Changing the role under the district column will allow the user that permission for ALL schools.

  • If you'd like a school leader or instructional coach to have access to data from only specific school be sure to adjust only the role in the "Schools" column.

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