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How do I share a Writable assignment with another teacher?
How do I share a Writable assignment with another teacher?
Share your assignments with other teachers via a link or on social media.
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Teachers can save time on prep by sharing assignments with other teachers in their school or in their professional community.

1. From 'My Assignments', find the assignment you would like to share and click on the arrow icon.

2. Use the 'Link' option to copy the preview link to share with your colleague in any channel you normally use to share.

3. You can also share the assignment using Social Media channels. You have the choice to share using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Tip! District Administrators can also share assignments to 'My District' using these directions.

4. Recipients will click the shared link and click 'Copy to My Assignments' to add it to their assignments page. They can then assign to students "as is" or continue to customize it.

❗ Note: The assignment link should only be shared with other teachers. Students will not be able to access the assignment through this link.

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