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How can I organize Writable assignments in Google Classroom?
How can I organize Writable assignments in Google Classroom?

Use Classwork 'Topics' in Google Classroom to organize your Writable assignments.

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If you'd like your Writable assignment to show for students in Google Classroom, be sure to check the "Assign to Google Classroom Stream" option while assigning. This article walks through the steps to assign to your Google Classroom.

Once you have assigned to the Google Classroom Stream, follow these directions in Google Classroom to organize the assignment into folders, or "Topics".

1. Log in to Google Classroom and click on the course tile.

2. Click the 'Classwork' tab at the top of the screen.

3. To create a new section of assignments, click 'Create' and then select 'Topic'.

4. Enter a title for your section and click 'Add'.

5. You will see your sections at the bottom of the assignment list. Click the title of the assignment and drag it to move into a section.

6. Students will be able to access the assignments in Google Classroom by clicking their course and selecting the 'Classwork' tab. Organized sections will show in the left menu.

Note: Students will also see the assignment in the Google Classroom stream.

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