What's Next? Assigning to Students

Support teachers with assigning to classes.

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Understand Assignment Settings and How to Assign to Students

Teachers are off to a great start! Acknowledge that your teachers have discovered or created an assignment in Writable. It’s now time for your teachers to assign to their classes in Writable. In Writable, teachers have several options that allow students to receive immediate feedback. There are also features that teachers can select for students that may accommodate their learning needs and instructional goals. Understanding the value of these settings will help teachers and students benefit from the options provided inside of Writable.

Understand the Assignment Setting Options

As teachers assign writing, they have multiple choices to create the writing experience for students. Each assignment includes different submission types, self & peer review, and student supports using Writable’s AI features. An overview of these choices can be found here.

Considerations for Your District or School

Depending on if your district uses Schoology, Canvas, or Google Classroom, additional options are available to streamline the addition of a Writable assignment into your learning platform. Please see this link for further details.

  • Read our implementation guide to learn more about ways to use Writable in your district/school.

  • If you discover that your LMS configuration is not working as expected, please reach out at this link to schedule a meeting with a Writable LMS expert.

  • If teachers need additional training on how to edit, create and assign feel free to schedule a consultation with our team to determine next steps.

  • Remember to visit The Writable Help Center, your first stop as a school or district leader.

Sample Communication

Here is a sample email that you may want to share to help teachers move to the next step of using Writable, assigning to students. Tip! If teachers are using an LMS with Writable, be sure to remind them that the assignment grades will go back to the LMS and that students will access the assignments inside of their LMS.

Dear XXX,

By now, you have found that Writable is full of assignments to support writing in your classroom. Some of you may have even explored the wizard that allows you to create assignments from your materials. Our next step is to ensure that you have assigned your writing assignment to your classes. You may have noticed that many options are available on the Assign Tab, and this link will show you how to assign and explain each option. To avoid confusion for students, consider modeling and discussing these options as they work through their writing assignments. As students become more comfortable with writing in Writable, these options will help provide targeted feedback throughout the writing process.


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