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How do I manage AI feedback and scoring controls in my district?
How do I manage AI feedback and scoring controls in my district?

Learn how to use Writable's options for AI Suggested Comments and AI-Generated Scores

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Writable offers several AI supports to help save teachers time when grading, and increase teachers' feedback impact. AI supports are always teacher guided and approved, providing suggestions to enhance instruction.

Note: We know it’s important for districts and schools to create guidelines and policies around AI use. OpenAI is new and we always welcome a conversation about how we're incorporating it to support learning experiences. Please contact us to set up a leadership demo of our new AI features at

Writable’s AI supports...

  • are teacher-guided: allow teachers to decide when and where to support their workflows with AI. Specifically, teachers choose to use or edit the suggested prompts, comments and scores they'll see from the AI suggestions.

  • build teacher agency: build teacher learning and confidence with AI as educators and districts collectively prepare to use AI with students.

In Writable, administrators can choose to disable specific AI-powered feedback tools, as well as create Shared Assessments with the right AI settings in mind. Learn what supports are available, and how to manage Writable's AI offerings within your district.

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What AI supports are available?

AI supports that can be controlled and managed at the district level are:

  • AI Suggested Comments: Writable provides skill-aligned actionable AI feedback for students to revise. Feedback is always reviewed by the teacher prior to sending to students. AI Suggested Comments are available for short and extended response, and individual rubric items. AI Suggested Comments are given in Spanish for Spanish student submissions.

  • AI-Generated Scores: Writable offers GradeAssist which now uses OpenAI to power AI-Generated Scores on all available assignments and rubrics, as well as teacher created assignments. Teachers must always finalize their grade and can change the score at anytime. For more information on GradeAssist, click here.

How do I manage AI on my district's license?

District-level license administrators in Writable can view enabled and disabled features on their district license. Both AI Suggested Comments and AI Generated Scores can be individually enabled or disabled district wide, or at the school level. Changes to your district's AI configuration must be made by the Writable team by contacting

Note: Disabling AI Grading also disables AI Suggested Comments for individual extended response rubric items. If AI Feedback is enabled, AI Suggested Comments are still available for short response, and feedback on overall extended response writing.

For questions or to discuss options about managing your license, you can email To submit a request to disable AI supports, fill out this form.

1. To view license feature information, click your account icon, then click 'Manage Subscriptions.'

2. Navigate to your license and click 'Features.' Admin can view enabled or disabled features, but AI Supports and other features must be enabled or disabled at the district or school level by a member of the Writable team.

How do I disable AI in a Shared Assessment?

Writable provides the option to include both AI Suggested Comments and AI-Generated Scores for shared assessment created by administrators. Using a shared assessment ensures consistent administration among teachers. When creating an assessment, administrators will be given the option to disable AI Feedback or AI Grading bots. AI Feedback and Grading must be enabled on your district license to use both options during a shared assessment. For more information on using and creating shared assessment, click here.

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