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How do I use AI Suggested Comments?
How do I use AI Suggested Comments?

Writable’s AI Suggested Comments make it possible to get skill-aligned and editable comments while grading and reviewing student work.

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Teachers can now view and request AI Suggested comments from the 'Guide/Grade' page or the grading stack – most importantly, it's easy to edit the suggested comments before they are sent. Simply send the comment(s) with the push of a button and support your students when it matters most: as they write!

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From 'Guide/Grade'

Using the 'Guide/Grade' page on the assignment dashboard lets you check students' progress on an assignment, start a quick chat, and provide immediate feedback and scoring. With the addition of AI Suggested Comments providing individualized comments is easier than ever.

2. Click on 'Guide/Grade' in the left menu.

3. Below students' writing and at the top of the page you will see an AI Suggested Comment or the option to request AI Feedback. You can request AI Feedback for both drafted and submitted student writing.

4. After reading the AI-generated comment, click 'Edit' to make any changes before sending. As a reminder, AI comments are a great place to start so you can personalize feedback quickly for your students!

5. Once you have made any edits, click 'Send Comment' to send the note to your student. Students will see the feedback immediately in the instant conferencing chat.

6. If you have reviewed multiple AI Suggested Comments, you can also choose to send all using the 'Send AI Comment Suggestions' at the top of the page.

If your students have submitted their writing, you will also see a scoring checklist to complete on the Guide/Grade page.

Note: We know it’s important for districts and schools to create guidelines and policies around AI use, and we’re here to help. Writable’s AI supports are always teacher-guided, build teacher agency, and allow teachers to decide when and where to support their workflows with AI. In Writable, administrators can choose to disable specific AI-powered feedback tools, as well as create Shared Assessments with the right AI settings in mind. Click here to learn more.

In the grading stack

1. Navigate to the student's writing in the grading stack.

2. Score each rubric item as usual, leaving rubric-level feedback and comments (including highlighted comments within the text!)

3. Scroll to the bottom of the rubric and click 'Request AI Feedback' if you do not see a comment.

4. Review the suggested comment, and click 'Edit' to make any changes before sending.

5. Click 'Send Comment' to send the message to the student.

Note: The first time you send AI Comments, you will need to confirm that you have reviewed all AI suggestions before sending.

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