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How do I demo or preview AI-suggested feedback?
How do I demo or preview AI-suggested feedback?

Demo Writable's AI-powered comments and scores with 'Import Student Work' and the Preview Feedback feature.

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Use 'Import Student Work' to demo Writable's powerful AI-generated feedback using pre-loaded sample student writing. You can preview overall feedback and detailed, rubric-aligned comments and scores across Elementary, Middle, and High school grades.

1. From your Writable account, click 'Create' and then choose 'Import Student Work.'

2. Click 'Preview Feedback'.

Note: 'Preview Feedback' will use sample student writing to generate AI feedback. If you'd like to upload your own student's writing click 'Upload digital files'.

3. Select a grade band from Elementary, Middle, and High. Then click 'Create assignment'.

4. Click 'View assignment' once your AI suggestions are ready.

5. Click on the Demo Class to open the Assignment Dashboard.

6. Click 'Guide/Grade' in the left menu to see the sample writing and AI feedback comments. An overall AI comment will show below each student's writing.

7. To review the full rubric in detail click either 'Review this submission' below a student's writing, or 'Review Submissions' in the top right corner.

8. Review the AI-suggested comments and scores for each rubric item in the full grading view. Here you can edit the comment, change the score, or turn off the AI suggestion by clicking the lightbulb icon.

9. Click 'Submit' to save the scores or 'Submit & Next' to save and go to the next sample writing.

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